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a brief history of kurt
Kurt Wagner, otherwise known as Nightcrawler, grew up in Bayern (Bavaria) Germany. Abandoned at birth, he still does not know his biological parents. Early on, he was cared for and named by an adoptive mother of Romani background. Driven from her community for charging herself with the care of such an aberrant child, she took up work with a caravan circus-- the coming owner of which would prove more interested in profiting from her unusual child than providing legitimate work.

Kurt began as a performer; an incredible acrobat, a very skilled dancer and always having a flair for the dramatic, but when the company changed hands Kurt was simply put on display. Confined to a cage and subjected to unspeakable abuses, it was a near-miss of execution that finally provoked his ability to teleport. The new found freedom that came with such a talent allowed him to flee for the protection of himself and the would-be family he would leave behind.

Life alone would be no easier for Kurt than life behind bars as his appearance kept him at odds with anything like normalcy. Fearful and angry towards those who wished to bring him harm he lived in the shadows of Munich, until fate lead him to the man whose Christian name he would take. The Father of a small, rural parish, and appended monasterial study, Father Wagner took him in, schooling him and raising Kurt as the devout, thoughtful and peaceful person he wanted to be.

Unfortunately for Kurt, his mutation not only did well to distance him from people, it also drew in mainly those who only stood to profit from him. The resurrected Weapon X program, now a privatized, para-military organization, would come to claim him and lay to waste the Church he'd grown up in, in the process.

The Program trained him, and others ruthlessly, to be the living-weaponry they profited from. In the service of Weapon X Kurt learned he was capable of things that still haunt him. His repeated escape efforts notwithstanding, he remained their unwilling solider until the X-Men liberated all remaining members of The Program. He was invited to return with them to the US, but in the hopes of collecting some of what he'd lost, Kurt declined and returned to Germany.

His life in Germany was no longer the peaceful existence he had left behind. His stint with the Program had made him and others international criminals for their misdeeds, and his time in Germany was one spend constantly evading the pursuing BMI. It was not until Magneto's reappearance and the resulting reaction from S.H.I.E.L.D. that Kurt would make contact with Charles Xavier again. This time, from the confines of the Camp X Detention Facility at Guantanamo Bay, Xavier would convince Kurt to return with him and the others to Westchester with the promise of honest work and safe harbour.
as of late
Though he accepted Xavier's offer and immigrated to the US, his residence there was initially illegal and at the time he was still learning English. This language barrier meant most of his communicating was done through mental channels with telepaths such as Jean and the professor. His physical appearance kept him confined to the safety of the estate more than he wished, but eventually he was given an image-inducer which allowed Kurt to explore New York and enjoy some of freedoms that his appearance still denies him.

It took time to warm up to life in the U.S. Between the culture shock and the damage The Program had left him with Kurt had a difficult transition period during which he underwent extensive rehabilitation with Charles Xavier, and much soul searching of his own. Mutantism still being a contentious subject, and mutants themselves often the targets of much discrimination, means Kurt is largely dependant on his image-inducer and struggles for the degree of normalcy he'd like, but the more he has learned to cope rather than withdraw, the more Kurt has begun to finally experience the kind of life he's dreamt of living; acquiring legal status in the U.S., beginning his first formal education and most notably meeting [info]Jude Cote-- a man who not only stole his heart, but was the first person ever to return Kurt's affections. Though they have weathered considerable storms, due in part to their obvious differences, they have done so together.
something to know
He's a friendly fellow, if not a little shy, but if your canon is based in reality please feel free to be shocked and/or terrified of his natural appearance. Of course, if he doesn't know you well enough he's probably going to look like your average young man thanks to his image-inducer. He tries not leave home without it. Yes, he's hiding, but don't take it personally. He's just trying to get by.
This is a comic version of Kurt Wagner. More specifically, he began as the Ultimate X-Men incarnation. When I fist picked up Kurt as muse the series was relatively new, and having played him this long his canon has deviated from the events of Earth-1610 for a while now. Especially since it all kind of fell apart there. Yikes.
Kurt / Nightcrawler is a fictional character and all likenesses are owned by Marvel Comics and their respective creators. Not me. (roxi) No profit is made off this journal, and it is used strictly for online gaming. While Dave Annable belongs to Dave Annable. Player & character are legal adults.
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